About Us


The company CASANEW LDA comes to:
  1. The sale of any property in Algarve (land to the prestigious villages). We handle all the necessary documents for the purchase, inform the buyer of all necessary expenses for the purchase of real estate and tax that is paid. If the client wishes, the "New Home" can help treat a mortgage in the principal banks in Portugal on the better conditions.
  2. The rent of apartments and houses for the holidays. By request, we attended at the airport and drove to the place of vacation and back.
  3. The registration of all types of insurance.If you do not find on our website the property that suits your needs, please contact us and we try to quickly find what you need.

Our Services

Homes for sale and rent

Don’t have enough money at the moment to buy a house? We have good offers both for rent and purchase. So, every client will be satisfied with our services.

Property Insurance

You can insure your property at our company immediately after buying or renting. Take care of the safety of your home and family.

Property management

We deal with different kinds of properties. No matter what you need - a house, an apartment or garage – you’ll find a good option on our site.

Find an Agent

Our real estate agents are professional in everything they do. Just call our office or contact the agent you like via email or his/her social profile.

Comfortable locations

Our properties, apartments, and houses are situated in comfortable locations that allow our clients to easily select the proper house.


Our parking facilities are located within a minute walk from the properties we provide.